10Trade Broker Review

by Suzie Que on January 03, 2015


10Trade is a binary options online broker that is licensed by the CySEC, that is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, a legal board that assures a trading site’s authenticity. The payout can be up to 77% for the EUR/USD binary options transaction.

Interface and Design

A clean and neat design, with colors ranging from blue to yellow, organized trading platform and 8 site categories. The Start Trading and Open Account buttons are the ones who immediately can be observed due to the fact they are in contrast with the other visual elements. The overall look is one of a modern website, with balanced graphics and a tidy interface. There are 5 icons depicting, on brief, the main features the site offers, that can be also found in the site’s categories: How To Trade, Open Account, Education Center, Binary Options, Live Chat. These are light blue and when hovering over them with the mouse they turn into glowing yellow. A fairly pleasant design choice.The site categories are: Home, Open Account, Regulation, Banking, Education, FAQ, Contact, About Us. None of them are particularly exceptional design wise, usually there are a few paragraphs that explain the main ideas. Much more good looking is the How to Trade screen that has two interactive buttons for Open Account and Deposit, that if clicked take you to the relevant pages where you can sign up and start an investment.The general impression of 10Trade is the one of a new and fresh binary options trading website, that does not necessarily amaze us but it doesn’t let us down either. The simplicity of the design would be a plus in this case.

Usability and Friendliness

Even though the information from the site categories is doubled in the 5 other tabs that are featured a bit lower on the page, this is not such a big problem. Because they are not too invasive and do not cause crowdedness. What this site really lacks is an Asset list. It is not featured under any category, nor in some of the other 5 pages that open if you click on the associated icons. For a new user, likewise for an old one, this thing is very important. The first aspect that would interest you in a binary options trading website, would be the asset index. Anyhow, eventually, you will find this list in the site’s footer area, written in quite small fonts so pretty easy to miss. Even though 10Trade has a nice How To Trade page, and its design is neat and user friendly, the fact that the asset list is not so visible on the site is an aspect that can make the users uncomfortable. But after you found it, the reward is immense, since this index is so nicely designed and so comprehensive that you almost forget the past bitterness of not finding it so fast. Without insisting more on these aspects, we can say that 10Trade is not a bad site in what regards the user friendliness. In fact, it is much better optimized than many other such trading platforms. It has a clean look, there are no elements that bother us too much and overall there are no huge mistakes or drawbacks.

Strong Points:

  • Clean and tidy landing page
  • Interactive How To Trade tutorial
  • Easy to understand trading platform
  • Accounts in several currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, SEK, and RUB
  • Although a bit hard to find, it features a comprehensive Asset index

Weak Points:

  • No USA enabled account registration
  • Not very extensive site categories information
  • A bit hard to find the Asset Index
  • Pretty small payout: 77% for EUR/USD

The Round-Up

There are no big mistakes that 10Trade is making. In fact, its interface and design are fairly balanced and good looking. The icons that turn yellow when hovering over them is an aspect that entertains a user and also the interactive Open Account and Deposit buttons from the How To Trade page are equally appealing. It does lack a better positioning of the Asset index, which is also nicely organized and really detailed. And precisely because of this reason it would have deserved to be placed somewhere on the top, among the other site categories, that are not always so full of useful information. All in all, 10Trade is an easy to use and understand binary options broker even for the total beginners in this domain and this is a good thing. We don’t have many things to reproach to it and that is why we give it a positive, overall, ranking.

  • Design: 4.5
  • Usability: 4.75
  • Reliability: 4
  • Payout rate: 4.75
  • Overall impression: 4.75
  • Total: 4.55 out of 5

10Trade Summary

10Trade Review from Suzie Que on 03 January 2015 . Binary Options Trading Platform licensed by CySEC!
10Trade is a binary options trading website with a user friendly interface. Find out more about it from the video review below. Review: 4.55

10Trade Video Review


Max Returns:
Minimum Investment:
Maximum Investment:

Software: SpotOption
Trade Options:
Binary Options, Pairs, Long Term, Sixty Seconds, One Touch, Ladder

Minimum Deposit:
Max. Bonus:
Up to 100%
Bonus Trading Terms:
30x, 40x, or 50x trades

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