24Option Broker Review

by Suzie Que on January 06, 2015


24Option is a binary options trading website of Cypriot origin that offers payouts of up to 83% of the total sum invested. To open a demo account you have to pay the sum of $250 and there is no minimum amount to trade in binary options.

Interface and Design

The most striking aspect of this site is that it features a black background with a white and yellow fonts color, an atypical characteristic for a binary options broker site since the majority of them have a much more light appearance. Not all of the people prefer to read white on black since it gets a bit tiring for the eyes.

24Option has only 3 site categories: Trade, Open Account and Guide, the landing page offering a video promo that starts as soon as you arrived on the website and some info boxes that show you the site’s features. However on the right side, next to the video we mentioned above, there is an Open Account form that can be completed by a new user.

The High and Low buttons for the binary options trading are also dark grey so they don’t pop up at all from the site’s black background. This aspect can be a drawback since the customer isn’t tempted to press them in order to start a new trade. The graph that shows the assets’ value fluctuation is a bit too small and crammed somewhere on the right side, next to the trading buttons. Not an ergonomic and clean interface at all.

There is not much to talk about 24Options’ design and interface since it’s so scarce and doesn’t feature any infographic, visual element or remarkable aspect that could entertain us. The Top 5 Trades may be an aspect that is appealing since it features the most successful traders on the site and it offers a bit more color and dynamism to the landing page. But overall the site’s design is heavy, eye straining and blunt.

Usability and Friendliness

We have already established that the interfaces’ colors are not so eye friendly, so to speak, but is 24Option user friendly? The answer would be: not so much. Why? Because of a series of reasons. First of them is that it does not feature a How to trade informative box or infographic or table or anything that could show a beginner how binary options trading works. Yes it has a site category where you can read a lengthy article about this, but there are no clear steps to be followed.

The Assets list is also a feature that misses. Of course we can see the indices, stocks and currencies next to the trading box and graph and if we scroll down we are able to understand how many they are, but that’s it. No brief pieces of information about them, no list, no table, not an organized and comprehensive material whatsoever.

For a new user is hard to navigate through the 24Option website since it has so few categories, the trading area is dull and nothing gives you the incentive to actually put up your money and begin a transaction. Yes, they have some Education feature that can teach you about binary options trading but this is also all text, no interactive visual elements. In this modern era we dwell in nowadays, a bit more visual dynamism and graphics would have been a truly nice touch.

Strong Points:

  • 24Option is a reliable binary options trading website, guaranteed by a number of financial reviewers
  • It offers the possibility to navigate the site in 17 languages (Romanian, Italian, Turkish, Latvian etc,)

Weak Points:

  • The interface is blunt and not at all visually exciting
  • A new user has no incentive to start trading since the High / Low buttons are so dull and boring
  • It has no How to trade informative box, graph or table
  • There isn’t an Assets comprehensive list
  • You have to put up $250 for the demo account.
  • Not accepting USA traders anymore.

The Round-Up

Even though it advertises itself as the best and most reliable binary options broker website, 24Option has some negative aspects that cast a bad shadow upon its reputation. It can be used in multiple languages, which is a good and qualitative aspect in what regards the user friendliness but it also lacks several important characteristics.

Design wise it is a blunt site, with a dark appearance, eye tiring and depressive. A more optimistic interface with light colors is far more appealing to a user than this all black with yellow writing one. It has only 3 site categories meaning that they have enough space to include some more and fill them with useful information such as: How to trade tutorial, Asset index, a bigger trading box on their main page. Instead they chose to put all these aspects in one or two tabs, crowding them in a meaningless way.

  • Design: 3.25
  • Usability: 3.5
  • Reliability: 4
  • Payout rate: 4.8
  • Overall impression: 3.75
  • Total: 3.86 out of 5


Review from Suzie Que vom 4 November . Binary Options Trading Website based in Cyprus!
s is a binary options online broker that is certified by some financial reviewers. To find out more about it watch the how to trade review below. Review: 3.86

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Max Returns:
Minimum Investment:
Maximum Investment:

Software: TechFinancials
Trade Options:
Binary Options,High/Low, One Touch, Boundary, Short Term

Minimum Deposit:
Max. Bonus:
Up to 100%
Bonus Trading Terms:
50x trades

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