CherryTrade Broker Review

by Suzie Que on January 05, 2015


CherryTrade offers the most qualitative binary options broker websites on the market, with a 81% payout rate on 30 minutes contracts it gives the most profitable options. Their team is comprised only of experts in risk management, forex trading and international law.

Interface and Design

With a clean look, simple yet rich in information, CherryTrade displays a binary options broker website organized in eight categories. The first one, Trade now, offers the immediate possibility to place a bid by clicking on the Open Free Account button that stands out immediately from the rest of the page’s design. Below, there is an interactive chart application that functions like a tutorial, explaining the method through which a trade can be started. You can choose between hot assets, currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. All this process gives the impression of genuine Wall Street, real life trading thus increasing the general quality of the site. Furthermore the Assets site category displays a list of stocks, commodities, currencies and indices, all explained in a brief text. There are several types of accounts available, each with its benefits or drawbacks; listed in a table pattern, they offer the page a very tidy look.

Usability and Friendliness

CherryTrade binary options website has a great Education category where you can learn all about binary options through ebooks, video courses and webinars. These tools come in handy for every trader even more if he is a beginner and is not so accustomed to the business patterns. This tutorial feature represents a big plus for the website. The How To Trade box situated on the right side of the site represents a brief step by step tutorial destined to offer quick information about Binary Options, One Touch and 60 seconds. Again a very modern and user friendly feature of the site. The fact that there is a live chat through which you can get assisted help if something is unclear or goes wrong is yet another characteristic that supports the idea of Cherry Traders being a highly professional and qualitative online trading website. Furthermore, the fact that you can actually trade multiple binary options assets simultaneously, that is you can place the orders one by one and then wait for all them to expire and receive your payment, is a wonderful feature of this website. It is time saving and very useful for the experts who want to place as many trading orders as possible.

Strong Points:

  • The principal advantage that Cherry Trade possesses is the fact that its services are also available in the United States Of America. Only a small number of other binary options broker websites have this feature too.
  • It has a simple interface, with intuitive design, making the navigation easier for the users.
  • The tutorials, live chat and interactive chart from the front page are some utterly useful tools.
  • Has an overall neat vibe and leaves the impression of real life trading which enhances the user experience.
  • Has mobile platforms support, for Android and soon for iOS too.
  • Really high payout of 85%
  • Easy to use even for people without binary options trading experience
  • Features two or multiple trading boxes that can be used at the same time to trade two or more different assets simultaneously.

Weak Points:

  • The Binary Option News section is not yet ready, thus has a Coming soon sign on it.
  • The site can only be displayed in English as a language of choice, for the moment.

The Round-Up

As a conclusion to all of the information displayed above we could state that Cherry Trade is a balanced trade website, with a user friendly interface, full of helping briefs and tutorials and one of the few sites that give equal trading chances to citizens from around the world not limiting them accordingly to the state they reside in. The final idea is that Cherry Trade is a highly organized, well adjusted, user friendly binary options trading website that allows even the most inexperienced users to have a profitable business. It is intuitive and interactive and has a step by step learning option that can be very useful for the newer customers. Things being said, CherryTrade is the website to go to when talking about binary options trading.

  • Design: 5
  • Usability: 4.8
  • Reliability: 5
  • Payout rate: 4.5
  • Overall impression: 4.80
  • Total: 4.82 out of 5

CherryTrade Summary

CherryTrade Review from Suzie Que on 05 January 2015 . Best Binary Options Broker on the Market!
CherryTrade is the best binary options trading website that exist nowadays on the financial online market. It is a highly reliable binary options broker and you can find out all about it in the following Review: 4.82

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Max Returns:
Minimum Investment:
Maximum Investment:
$ Unlimited

Software: SpotOption
Trade Options:
Binary Options, Pairs, Long Term, Sixty Seconds, One Touch, Ladder

Minimum Deposit:
Max. Bonus:
Up to 100%
Bonus Trading Terms:
30x trades

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