Option Time Broker Review

by Suzie Que on January 06, 2015


OptionTime has a simple interface, not very modern, nor outdated, it is a binary options trading website that promises a payout that raises up to 85% and the minimum trade amount that can be used is only $10.

Interface and Design

The site’s interface is simple, almost blunt, there aren’t any elements particularly colorful or eye popping. Pale blue and white, a very sterile look so to speak. The first impression is that you accessed a medicine related website since the coloring is so desaturated. There are no visual elements that create a particular impression upon the user, we may say that all is too clean and tidy. OptionTime has six site categories: Home, Open An Account, Why OptionTime, Education Center, FAQ and Contact Us. A really not so extraordinary design results from the fact that the How to trade box is situated right above the graphs that show the binary options trading trends. On the left there are the various trading options: Classic Time, Pro Master, Speed Trading, One Touch, Touch In Time, explained briefly, whereas on the right are situated the Chat and Contact Us options. These look like two small blue sticky notes attached on the web page’s side.

Usability and Friendliness

The How to trade informative box is situated just above the trading options slot and below the slider that features several images accompanied by text regarding OptionTime characteristics. Being squeezed in such a small place it is a little bit harder to be found and even though it may seem to be just in front of our eyes, it can be easily omitted. The fact that the trading buttons are called Up and Down is very intuitive and even a new user can rapidly wrap his mind around how binary options trading works. On the other hand the Assets index is hidden in the Education Centre site category, thing that does not do much of a service to a beginner.

Strong Points:

  • Simple interface, pale colors, increased text legibility.
  • The trading buttons are named very intuitively: Up and Down.
  • The assets have a brief description just below them for a better grasp of how trading works.
  • The site is available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.
  • The payout is mentioned for the most important and popular assets individually.

Weak Points:

  • OptionTime only mentions their mobile apps in the Why OptionTime category. So, not a very visible option.
  • The fact that the design is so simple may be a problem because there is nothing to hang on, visually speaking.
  • HThe How to trade box is a bit hard to be spotted on the site due to the fact that it is situated between two major site parts that are already drawing the attention.
  • The assets list is placed in the Education Center category and cannot be found from the first time you access the site.
  • Not catering to USA and Canada residents.

The Round-Up

OptionTime features a too simpler interface, with a no so thrilling design and a moderated usability. One good thing is that the binary options trading buttons are named Up and Down, so highly intuitive for a beginner. The overall impression is the one of an almost old school trading platform, with few categories and information scattered around all over the site. Even though it may seem simple and tidy, at a closer look we find out that there are some faults in what regards finding useful information rapidly. In other words the site might not be so well optimized, thing that affects the user’s general impression when deciding to choose the best binary options trading website. Even more, if the user is a beginner and wants to find quick and simple what are the assets, what do they mean, where are they displayed and so on.

  • Design: 3.75
  • Usability: 3.5
  • Reliability: 3.9
  • Payout rate: 4.9
  • Overall impression: 3.5
  • Total: 3.91 out of 5

OptionTime Summary

Option Time Review from Suzie Que on 06 January 2015 . Binary Options Broker with a tidy and simple trading platform!
Option Time is a binary options trading website that has a easy to use interface. To see you can trade on this online broker, you can watch our video review! Review: 3.91

OptionTime Video Review


Max Returns:
Minimum Investment:
Maximum Investment:
$ n/a

Software: Keystone
Trade Options:
Binary Options, Classic Time, Speed Trading, One Touch, Touch in Time, Pro Master

Minimum Deposit:
Max. Bonus:
Up to 100%
Bonus Trading Terms:
40x trades

OptionTime Website preview

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