PowerOption Broker Review

by Suzie Que on January 05, 2015

4.33 is a binary options trading website that was launched in 2013 so it is still relatively new in the niche. The profit that can be gained from trading on this site stretches up to 85%, a normal quota that can easily compete with that of other sites’.

Interface and Design

With a simple yet modern design featuring only four site categories, PowerOption appears to have a relatively neat configuration. The first site category is the Trading Room, that is the place where you can place binary options orders. The graphs that show the assets’ value variation are pretty good looking, simple and easy to understand. One thing is redundant, the fact that you can make a trade both by clicking on two small arrows within the graph, as well as clicking on two up and down buttons under the graph. On the site’s right side there is a small information box, explaining how to trade, as well as the live chat options and sign up form for new users. The second site category is the Resource Center that features a few tutorials on how to trade and also indexes the assets list. For a new user it can take quite a bit of time to find them because they are not assigned their own site category. Above the trending graphs that show the fluctuation of the assets’ values are featured the various trading options such as: High/Low, One Touch, Range, 60 Seconds and Option on Demand. They look like some tabs that can be easily accessed and toggled.

Usability and Friendliness

For a new user, PowerOption may appear as a tidy looking binary options trading website but when looking more in depth the fact that it features two possible ways to place orders is a bit confusing. The buttons are too close together as we stated above and this can create quite a chaos in a beginner’s mind. Also, the fact that the assets don’t have a dedicated site section can be another discouraging aspect when talking about user friendliness. Though, on the other hand, PowerOptions features the possibility to set the site’s language in English, French, Italian and German. That characteristic can come in handy for the people who want to trade in their native language. As any other binary options broker website it has the option to use the live chat for eventual issues. But the peculiarity stays in the fact that above and below the trading boxes where users can place binary options orders appears a risk warning text. This can be seen as a disclaimer for those who may be upset after they lose their money on bad binary options trading guesses.

Strong Points:

  • It has a quite clean and clear design.
  • Offers the option to use the site in four different languages: English, French, Italian and German.
  • It features the option to make trades from your mobile devices, both iOS and Android supported.

Weak Points:

  • Some of the information is redundant, as the trading buttons that repeat themselves within a small visual space.
  • Their assets list is hidden in the Resource Center site category.
  • They don’t offer the possibility to trade binary options to American citizens.
  • All those Warnings about risk taking when trading binary options leave the impression of instability and thus can discourage a beginner.
  • Their binary options are actually named High/Low. Different from the usual term and confusing for a new user.

The Round-Up

PowerOption comes as a modern looking site, with a relatively optimized interface and a moderated user friendliness. Some of the site categories are included in others and therefore are hard to find, especially the assets list. It doesn’t offer the opportunity to trade binary options to Americans so it’s geographical reach is not exhaustive. The profit that can be obtained after trading is up to 85% from the total amount that is to be traded, meaning PowerOption is competitive enough.

  • Design: 4.25
  • Usability: 4.5
  • Reliability: 4.0
  • Payout rate: 4.9
  • Overall impression: 4.0
  • Total: 4.33 out of 5

PowerOption Summary

PowerOption Review from Suzie Que on 05 January 2015 . New and modern binary options trading website!
PowerOption is a binary options online broker that has a stylish interface and a payout of up to 85%. Check out our video to find out more cool stuff about it! Review: 4.33

PowerOption Video Review


Max Returns:
Minimum Investment:
Maximum Investment:

Software: Markets Pulse
Trade Options:
Binary Options, High/Low, One Touch, Range, Option On Demand

Minimum Deposit:
Max. Bonus:
Up to 100%
Bonus Trading Terms:
30x trades

PowerOption Website preview

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