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by Suzie Que on January 06, 2015

3.80 is a binary options trading website that offers a 71% profit to its customers, and advertises itself as being the oldest site in its niche. Being one of the first webpages that operated with binary options trading it acquired quite a fan base, so to say.

Interface and Design

It has a simple interface with many blocks of text and two charts that display the trading prices for binary options. On the top of the page there is a box that advertises in a few words the website’s methods and features. All these visual contents may feel a bit too crowded in there, giving the sensation of a poorly organized website. has eight site categories: Open Account, Option Trading, Banking, Assets, Live, Info, Academy and Blog. The Banking slot only displays the payment methods that are available in a series of countries, except The Unites States of America. The Assets page indexes all the available assets in certain geographical areas. Here the design could have been improved by making the fonts larger and arranging the assets in a different way, not in columns like they are. The Info category contains an About Us page, Contact page, FAQs and Features page. Probably it would have been better if the Features were placed in a separate category or displayed on the right side of the site.

Usability and Friendliness binary options trading website offers the possibility to navigate the site using several languages like Italian, Spanish, French, Deutch, etc. The fact that the Open Account feature is displayed as a button on the right side of the site but it also has a dedicated category as we mentioned above is not such a good user friendly idea. Even more, it feels redundant and quite disorientating for a new user. The site includes a live chat option as any other binary option broker website that exists nowadays on the market. It also features a brief trading guide and the possibility to use mobile devices for your trades. But the overall vibe of the site is a bit old school because of the blocks of text, the lack of graphic interactive elements and the lack of structure.

Strong Points:

  • is one of the first and oldest binary options trading websites on the market.
  • It is trusted by its loyal users.
  • The site can be used in several languages.

Weak Points:

  • It does not offer binary options trades for the American citizens.
  • The 71% maximum profit is a bit low, compared to other binary options broker websites.
  • Has reduced usability, when you access one of the site’s categories you have to click the “go back” button in your browser to be able to return at the landing page.
  • The site categories are redundant and their design is not optimized: the fonts are too small, they feature information that repeats itself.
  • has only small interactive graphs, and the trading buttons are not so visible because they are pale blue on a white background.
  • The overall design gives the impression of an old, rudimentary site.

The Round-Up

Even though advertises itself to be the oldest, most trusted binary options trading website on the market its features remained in their old days also. It restricts American users from using the site but, as a counter argument to this, it offers the possibility to change the site language in several European languages. Design wise it lacks modernity and usability, being stuck in the 2000s, with small graphs, little font faces, pale colors, blocks of information without any other visual element to break the monotony. For a new user it is not very well optimized, having redundant features such as the Open Account button that acts as a site category also. The space is used in vain in this way and the site seems too crowded, from a visual point of view.

  • Design: 3.75
  • Usability: 3.5
  • Reliability: 4
  • Payout rate: 4
  • Overall impression: 3.75

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Anyoption Review from Suzie Que on 06 January 2015 . One of the oldest Binary Options Broker on the Market!
Anyoption is one of the oldest binary options online broker on the market. There are already quite a few people who appreciate its services.Watch the video for more information! Review: 3.80

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Max Returns:
Minimum Investment:
Maximum Investment:
$ variable

Software: Proprietary
Trade Options:
Binary Options, Option +, Binary 0-100, Special

Minimum Deposit:
Max. Bonus:
Up to 100%
Bonus Trading Terms:
15x trades

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